Technologies for removing VOC


Overall supplies (turnkey projects) and services as follows:

  • A wide range of technologies for removing VOC and other pollutants from industrial waste air generated especially in:
– Paint shops
– Pharmaceuticals industry
– Engineering production
– Metallurgical industry
– Rubber plants
– Printing industry
– Petrochemicals industry
– Glass and bijouterie production
  • Thermal oxidation units for incinerating VOC in polluted industrial waste air: catalytic, regenerative or recuperative – VOC oxidation (incineration) on a catalyst with heat recuperation through a shell-and-tube heat exchanger or direct thermal incineration with heat recuperation through a ceramic material in reactors – RTO units. Natural gas may be used as a supporting fuel; if not available, the required oxidation temperature is achieved with the use of electricity (for catalytic units).
  • Concentration or filtration equipment for hydrophobic zeolite-based concentration or filtration of polluted waste air before it enters the incinerator. If zeolites are used, arrangement with a rotary zeolite wheel is selected (currently the most commonly used). This equipment substantially reduces the volume of polluted waste air before it enters the incinerator. Therefore, a minimum size incinerator working in an optimal energy autothermal mode is required, which means significant savings in investment and running costs.
  • Equipment for the recuperation of solvents by freezing or adsorption and desorption on activated carbon, or freezing with subsequent final treatment in an adsorber
  • Equipment for removing and disposing of pollutants and vapours, including oil vapours from hardening baths, metallurgical plants, etc.
  • Filtration equipment, adsorbers on the basis of special activated carbon for low concentrations of pollutants in waste air when follow-up incineration is not necessary. Activated carbon in a saturated adsorber is replaced or regenerated. This solution is suitable particularly for small plants due to low investments.
  • Complete air-conditioning systems treating polluted waste air from technological workplaces, incl. determination of capacity, volume and weight flows for the optimal size of the pollutant removal device
  • Pre-design and design activities incl. the main designer function
  • Construction supplies and works incl. technical and construction supervision
  • Consultancy and advisory work
  • Assemblies and contractual warranty and post-warranty servicing; spare part supplies

The equipment works in automated operation in compliance with the main production requirements. Removal of pollutants is guaranteed in all modes to limits required by the relevant legislation.

The main advantages of our supplies are tried and tested technologies for removing VOC from polluted industrial waste air by catalytic or thermal incineration with pre-treatment on the zeolite wheel basis, or – exceptionally in justifiable cases – on the active carbon basis with the use of adsorption and desorption, including the necessary HW and SW. These systems substantially reduce the volume of polluted waste air before it enters the incinerator, which means significantly lower investment and running costs. Individual technologies and their combinations are always optimised with regard to the specific customer, the production process in the particular plant, the chemical composition and types of organic substances contained in the waste air, and the type of regenerated solvent. Our designs respect criteria for top quality with the minimum investment and running costs. If necessary, the parameters of the equipment and its components are tested in laboratory conditions.

For the treatment of industrial waste air and recuperation of solvents, HK ENGINEERING uses its own technologies and know-how, and occasionally also top foreign and domestic subcontracted supplies backed by numerous references.

Our supplies have all the legislative and normative certificates in compliance with the applicable EU laws and requirements.

The quality of our supplies is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

HK ENGINEERING will provide further information and elaborate a detailed offer for a specific task upon request.