Industrial equipment service

HK ENGINEERING performs expert servicing, reconstruction and rebuilding of technologies supplied by the company as well as those supplied by other manufacturers if the customer is dissatisfied with the supplier service or the supplier company has refused to perform the servicing. An overview of selected technologies regularly serviced by HK ENGINEERING is given below.

The crucial technologies from across industrial production serviced by HK ENGINEERING include:

    • Technologies for removing VOC emissions:
        • Regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO)
        • Recuperative thermal oxidisers (TO)
        • Catalytic systems, incl. catalyst replacement
        • Concentration systems on the zeolite rotary concentrator basis
        • Concentration systems on the static concentrator basis with activated carbon (AU), incl. activated carbon replacement
        • Simple filtration (sorption) of VOC on activated carbon, incl. activated carbon replacement
    • Industrial paint shops incl. accessories (air-conditioning systems, ventilation units, recuperators, replacement of filtration media for solid pollutants or excess paint)
    • Industrial air-conditioning systems
    • Industrial M&R systems
    • Industrial burners

Detailed information on the above-listed serviced technologies or rebuilt technologies will be provided by the company upon request.