About us

HK ENGINEERING s. r. o. Chrudim is an engineering and supplier company specialising in general supplies, engineering and completion of investment units, industrial equipment, environmental technologies and the ecologisation of industrial productions.

HK ENGINEERING, founded in March 1999, is owned by two executive managers and experts with years of experience in designing, constructing and supplying investment units.

Immediately after its foundation, HK ENGINEERING continued in the long-term tradition of the engineering-supplier division of the former engineering company TRANSPORTA, a.s., Chrudim. Its formation was initiated by the unsuccessful transformation process of TRANSPORTA, a.s., when all technical and trade competences, support and know-how, including references from both foreign and domestic partners, passed to the company. Since then, the company has gained numerous important references from reputable investors.

Main commercial activities of the company:

  • Engineering and supply of investment units and industrial equipment
  • Construction design
  • Construction and reconstruction of industrial structures
  • Commercial-representative and provider’s activities

Supplier and commercial activities focus particularly on general supplies (turnkey projects) in these areas:

  • Equipment for treating VOC-polluted industrial waste air by thermal degradation (oxidation or incineration) on a catalytic or ceramic bed, including VOC pre-treatment for large volumes of waste air and relatively low VOC concentrations, with the use of a zeolite rotary concentrator
  • Equipment for recuperating solvents
  • Ecologisation of all industrial productions, plants and technological workplaces
  • Coating technologies, particularly for open-space painting of large-sized and heavy components in production halls with the use of sectional ventilation with long-range ceiling-mounted nozzles, and for combined spraying/drying booths including optimal reduction of emissions of VOC and organic solvents
  • Reconstruction, upgrading and ecologisation of all paint shops
  • Industrial air-conditioning systems and chimneys (detached or in self-supporting steel structures)
  • Industrial air-ventilation units and related air-treatment equipment
  • Servicing of industrial equipment (supplied by the company as well as other manufacturers)

All the above-mentioned commercial activities are performed in the engineering-supplier way, preferably in the form of general supplies (turnkey projects). Servicing is provided solely by the company’s service specialists.

In order to provide and complete general supplies, HK ENGINEERING has its own development base and design capacities, as well as all the necessary certifications, own know-how and an open, qualified and certified subcontract base (incl. production).

If necessary, top foreign or domestic technologies and know-how, available to the company thanks to long-term cooperation with its subcontractors, are used for the completion of supplies. Equipment and components supplied for the completion meet all EU requirements. All supplies comply with quality certification.

The company provides warranty and post-warranty servicing for all technology supplies performed, solely via its own specialists.

If required, HK ENGINEERING cooperates with scientific and research departments and laboratories at many universities and institutes, including state test institutes, in designing, developing and testing new equipment.

Among the company’s key philosophies is utilisation of the synergic effect of the combination of top specialised subcontractors with the capabilities and know-how of the company. This results in high competitiveness, especially thanks to low overhead expenses and the sophisticated, time-proven system of subcontractor relations and contracts. Further, these aspects have a positive effect on the flexibility and quality guarantee of supplies.

A significant positive signal for potential customers is the company’s well-established and certified quality supplier system. After passing a certification audit, shortly after its foundation HK ENGINEERING obtained for its supplier activities the EN ISO 9001:1994 certificate (Quality systems. Model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing) for its complete range of activities: “general supplies, engineering and completion of investment units, industrial equipment, environmental technologies and ecologisation of industrial productions”.

In 2002, after passing a recertification audit, the company obtained a new quality certificate in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. After passing another recertification audit in 2005, when the ISO 9001:2000 certificate was renewed, the company obtained another certificate according to ISO 14001:2004. In 2009, upon a regular certification audit, HK ENGINEERING obtained a brand new quality certificate according to ISO 9001:2008, which was retained together with the 14401:2004 certificate after a recertification audit in June 2014; both certificates are valid for another three years.

The certification process is managed, the certification and recertification audits are performed, and the certificates are awarded by SGS Group, the world’s biggest certification, testing and inspection organisation, with over 120 years of tradition, through SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA Systems & Services Certification, Zurich, Switzerland, a specialised company also providing continuous certification supervision.

The company has elaborated an authorised quality manual and the relevant internal directives, regulations and documented procedures, including a quality policy, i.e., binding documents to assure the quality of supplies.

In accordance with its philosophy, the company aims to create conditions to ensure customers are satisfied with its high-quality technologies, products and services, building on functional parameters, reliability, swift supplies and standard contractual servicing. In order to meet this intention, the company applies an individual approach towards all business partners, determines and implements the most suitable technical solutions, cooperates with proven suppliers, respects legislation and other regulations, and last but not least, constantly strives to improve its work.

HK ENGINEERING is insured against business risks with UNIQUA a.s.

HK ENGINEERING is always ready to meet all the requirements and needs of its customers.


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