Field burners

HK ENGINEERING has started supplying “field burners”, special technological devices for the additional incineration of excessive biogas or natural gas which would otherwise leak into the atmosphere.

Excess biogas formed during its production must often be released due to safety. However, since biogas cannot be released into the atmosphere due to its bad smell, it must be incinerated in special devices. These devices are also used in exploration wells at natural gas deposits as well as during natural gas extraction for incinerating so-called accompanying gases.

The devices serve for the safe removal of waste biogas or natural gas by incineration. The devices are fitted with all safety elements, incl. an anti-explosion safeguard, ignition system and flame guard. If the biogas pressure is insufficient, the device may be fitted with an anti-explosive fan.

Detailed information on reference supplies will be provided by the company upon request.

For photographs of some projects realised, see below.