Important Projects

A selection of the most important projects realised by HK ENGINEERING is presented on the title page in the form of photographs with brief captions. Further projects from across the industrial spectrum are given in the respective photo-galleries of the website.

Technologies supplied by HK ENGINEERING have been used in the following industrial and production areas:

  • Surface finish of steel structures and other heavy and large-sized objects, particularly open-space paint shops in production halls using sectional ventilation with long-range ceiling-mounted nozzles
  • Ecologisation of paint shops and coating workplaces
  • Automotive industry, production of components
  • Engineering production
  • Rubber plants, tyre production
  • Pharmaceuticals industry, production of medical supplies
  • Printing industry, especially flexography
  • Production of so-called flexible packaging, food packaging printing
  • Primary as well as secondary chemicals production
  • Petrochemicals industry
  • Biogas and natural gas incinerators
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Glass and bijouterie production
  • Additional utilisation of heat from existing technologies
  • Production of coating materials and chemical preparations
  • Artificial stone production
  • Millworks, furniture industry
  • Production and coating of sanitary ware, laminating plants
  • Primary processing of assorted noble metals
  • Textiles industry, impregnation and surface finish of textile

The above-given list is not definite; technologies supplied by HK ENGINEERING are used in numerous new areas within the chemicals, automotive, engineering and other industries.

Detailed information on reference supplies in the above-listed industrial areas is available from the company upon request.

We will prepare an offer for your issue to be resolved within our commercial activities listed elsewhere on the website.